Monday, January 16, 2006

Episode 01 - Jeff Shone

Episode 01: Jeff Shone.
First in a series of online docs. Discover Eve Online...

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Jeff said...

Thanks for making me famous Tim!


4:00 PM  
Tim said...

You're welcome- but the Jury is out mate... place your votes people!

7:58 PM  
alfie said...

Tim, this is a *great* idea, a succinct piece of documentary, it works perfectly in the time constraints you've given yourself. Well done :)

How come 52 seconds anyway? To make it fit the number of weeks?

edit - sorry, that was me

12:00 AM  
Tim said...

The 52 seconds timing was suggested by a friend of mine called Shaun - it's a great idea and fits, but it's tough to edit to such a short time!

10:26 AM  
alaph said...

Nice setup, could we get a documentry just on his EvE set up :)

10:47 AM  
andy said...

Just frighten Jeff and tell him that 28hours a week equates to 3 and a half years playing over a 20 year period of your life

12:39 PM  
Andy said...

Hiya Tim
I like the idea of the online doc.
Good to have your links to the other sites too
NB Jeff just needs another 14 mins and 2 secs more fame to fill the 15 min quota that everyone should have

1:03 PM  
Tim said...

Surely that's 14m 8s?
Glad you enjoyed it - Episode 2 is ready and should be posted in the next day or so...

7:01 PM  

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